How I got here

☝ Here is the completely, totally, without question, unbiased history of me so you can see how I have developed in this world I create in.

By no means, has any of this been fabricated.

Honest, I got no time to make things up.

(like really old) History Lesson...

up to 2001

Growing into the body, developing bad artistic style of stick figures and groaners.

SuperLineMan begins

2002 life on stage

ChicagoImprovAnarchy blossoms from a group of improvisors looking to make a name for themselves. Many laughs had, then adulthood ripped it asunder.


2006 Privilege has its members.

The Black Rock Social Club established a variety show to showcase comedic talent hosted by Reginald MacTavishley and team. Membership to the club was later revoked.

Black Rock Social Club

2008 Still under reconstruction

GabeMart Productions created a way to isolate the underutilized talents of Gabe and Marty on a stage. Unfortunatey, things short circuited and funds dried up.


2011 Took a class...

Finally took a college course to build skills and ended up with the most realistic ear I ever drew.

Drawing Class

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Who knows?!?!

💀 One of them might still be working.

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