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the 1st BOOK

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the 1st BOOK of thum

To Begin With...

To begin with I am here to play
To play here with my judgment’s way
The way with thoughts abstraction-free
To free my friendless, crying plea

To go on with a life well said
As said within the words of dead
The dead are known for silenced stay 
To stay here is beyond dismay

Decisions made yet not obeyed
Obey the fun of faultless fate
The fate of ranting, raving knaves
A knave tormented can behave

Protect kismet yet twist my leg
A leg’s true purpose lives too vague 
As vague is life locked in great vaults
To vault this day I blame its faults

Excrete your words or spew them out
For out takes all the joy of doubt 
The doubt which to begin this day
This day mocks me I’m forced this shame...
				Such shame began what end you see

To Begin With...

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