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the 1st BOOK

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the 1st BOOK of thum


Tonight, no matter how bad it looks,  
	I need to put this question down.  
Tonight, think to yourself and decide  
	which fate is worse right now.  
Tonight, decide if you would rather be 
	old and feeble, or dead.  
Tonight, I’ve got no notion of the choice  
	that I’d have instead.  
Tonight, I think that living a life  
	might overwhelm at best.  
Tonight, I feel lonely more than  
	I could ever at peace, at rest.  
Tonight needs to end soon ‘cause  
	there’s always an end, just when?  
Tonight, I’m not sure why,  
	my defenses are ready to fend.  
Tonight, Halloween colors and sounds  
	fill the air, yet none in me.  
Tonight, the effort seems useless  
	and benefits elude what I see.  
Tonight, I struggle but only cede  
	the thoughts in my head I do not heed,  
 	and the pressure brings me down,  
 							down to my knees. 


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