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the 1st BOOK

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the 1st BOOK of thum


amazing graceful dance of the water lilies,
they pirouette in such divine synchronicity.
bring out Your cool breeze on this hot day.
the pond is Your world that simply exists.
it holds such meager, miniscule life forms.
me, it can never hold, for I am a superior man.
I am far too tough for its calm stillness;
too resilient to be contained in its depths.
I know the power I hold is much more 
than the pond could ever produce to trap Me.
the pressure I alone can create is so great that
Your pond is easily defenseless against Me.
You are too distant to be effective anymore.
I am so incredibly more powerful that
I will take the life that Your pond holds dear.
You can only observe My supreme conquest.
I have unstoppable reign of the pond’s world.
You are just a memory lost to MY pond.
I am life and death, provider and destroyer.
to everything within this world, I am now You.
as simple as I can say, I am a god to this world
I control every minute aspect of its survival.

yet now as the lightning comes striking down,
i can see my indefinite immortality vanish.

Blue Sky Parade

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