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the 1st BOOK

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the 1st BOOK of thum

Plenty of Sin

Satan serves up a mighty fine dish
To tickle the tempted tum-tum.
This grand feast consists of the finest,
From one taste to the next so fun.

Father Lust has taken a heaping 
	helping of his favorite,
Gluttonous bestiality covered in finely
	simmered lies and deceit.
Brother Laze tries to grab the 
	bowl of envious sloth;
However, Sister Greed has scooped up
	the entrée from his eager grasp.
The boy pitifully lays loose a scream
	of missed opportunity,
And satisfied sis scoffs at the sibling 
	for what she now scarfs down.
Mother Shame watches the two bicker 
	as she takes bite of her steamed anger.

Father, with a proud, deviant smile, speaks forth,
	“Quiet now, there’s plenty of sin to go around...”

Plenty of Sin

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